About the Work
    My earliest artistic routes go back to theatre, which is almost always a collaborative act among artists. My departure for traditional theatre stems from my interest in Alan Kaprow's Happenings, Fluxus, Richard Shechner's Environmental Theatre and Joseph Beuy's notion of Social Sculpture. More akin to ritual then theatre, these experiments are environments and spaces, physical and psychological, in which the work is co-created with a participatory audience.


Odyssey Works
I have been collaborating with Abe Burickson, an architect and poet, to explore the nature of creating participatory performance journeys.. Our process begins by interviewing our subject, both through written questions and in person. We also gather information from people in the subject's community who have been invited to participate. We then have several long discussions exploring how we can use this information to create a series of aesthetic experiences that create an altered reality for up to 24 hours. The experiences range from improvisatory play, scripted performance, installation, dream montages and unexpected synchronicities. It is our hope that our subject will have a liminal experience that provides deep insight into their life. We have also found ourselves and the community participants to also be transformed through the collaboration. If you would be interested in participating in one of these rituals, either as a subject or co-creator, please email me.

Example Journeys

  Painting Rituals
As my painting practice developed, I began to paint within the context of a formaliz ritual. Within this sacred space, I was able to use paint and dance to encounter and transform energies from the shadow within my psyche. I then began to do these painting rituals for specific friends, attempting to embody and transform issues from their own lives. This project evolved into creating group painting rituals where I would guide people to paint collaboratively together within a sacred space to heal themselves. I have also performed my ritual for public audiences.
  522 1/2 Haight St.
During the halycon days of the dotcom business, one of the common rituals in San Francisco was to complain about the inability to find decent housing and a reasonable price. Local listings for available apartments frequently exageratted their amenities and everyone was looking for a studio apartment for under $1000. So, Fungi5 decided to explore how people get extremely caught up in the competition of looking for apartments and how their own expectations help fuel the fantasies that were being advertised. So, we placed a fake listing for an open house advertising things such as "includes parking" and "large open space". Over a hundred people came to check out the studio apartment we set-up in a parking space. People's reactions ranged from extreme anger to "this was the best part of my day".
I organized an art collective called Fungi5 back in 2001 to explore a variety of collaborative projects. Our kick-off event was "Sporific", an art party at my loft. Visual artists, poets, designers, musicians and performers all came together to create a unique environment in which the boundaires between spectating and participation began to blur.